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RAY1 Radio controlled 1/10 Made in 1970 By Bianchi SA (Pasai Antxo Spain ) Color: White Origin: Valladolid  Spain – Ref: RAY1PASVA2016 Facebook

RAY1 New Look BY PHR

 RAY1 made during the 1970s …. « New Look » by PHR in 2018, impressive work for this little wonder RC 1/10 ! Origin: Pasai Antxo (Spain)  Color Orange Blue – Ref:RAY1PARE1972 Photos – Fabrication – Facebook    Une petite merveille des années...


Ray1 RC 1/10 – Made in 1970  PASAI ANTXO – By Bianchi SA Origin :   Valladolid Spain Color: White Ref: RAY1PAVAL22016 Une petite merveille des années 1970 encore opérationnelle, le rêves de tous les ados de l’époque

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